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Assortment of Books

Book Club & Social.

Every 3rd Wednesday​ of the Month
6:30pm to 8:00pm

We’re an enthusiastic group of individuals brought together by a common passion. Have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and if you’re interested in joining our Book Club simply read the book and join us every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

We are all busy individuals, so come on in, grab a drink and we will mingle for 30 minutes. The book discussion starts promptly at 7:00pm for an hour. Afterwards, stay and mingle some more.

We love to read. We'll be there and look forward to meeting you!​


Buckle up and get ready for a raw, unfiltered ride as Josh Goodman goes from being a guy who couldn't get a drink in a busy bar to building a multimillion-dollar technology company that lets guests pour their own beer, wine, and cocktails and pay by the ounce. Travel with Goodman to Ireland, where he spent a week driving around the entire country to secure his first business partners—who eventually tried to put him out of business. Then, visit northern Austria and discover how he landed the deal that brought his business back to life. With the wisdom of experience and the entertainment of his most desperate hours—like when he shaved his head, intending to become a professional fighter to literally fight his way out of debt—Goodman tells a story of entrepreneurism like no other. With Tap the Big Idea, you’ll laugh almost as much as you’ll learn about building a business.

Cover of Tap the Big Idea book


Brittany K. Barnett was only a law student when she came across the case that would change her life forever—that of Sharanda Jones, single mother, business owner, and, like Brittany, Black daughter of the rural South. A victim of America’s devastating war on drugs, Sharanda had been torn away from her young daughter and was serving a life sentence without parole—for a first-time drug offense. In Sharanda, Brittany saw haunting echoes of her own life, as the daughter of a formerly incarcerated mother. As she studied this case, a system came into focus in which widespread racial injustice forms the core of America’s addiction to incarceration. Moved by Sharanda’s plight, Brittany set to work to gain her freedom. This had never been the plan. Bright and ambitious, Brittany was a successful accountant on her way to a high-powered future in corporate law. But Sharanda’s case opened the door to a harrowing journey through the criminal justice system. By day she moved billion-dollar deals, and by night she worked pro bono to free clients in near hopeless legal battles. Ultimately, her path transformed her understanding of injustice in the courts, of genius languishing behind bars, and the very definition of freedom itself. Brittany’s riveting memoir is at once a coming-of-age story and a powerful evocation of what it takes to bring hope and justice to a system built to resist them both.

Future Book Club & Socials

December 20, 2023:
Join us to celebrate a successful year of book club!
(A little party and some giveaway goodies)

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